October 12. 2021

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As digitization processes accelerate, and government services and business move online, the world is exposed to a greater degree than ever to cyber threats.

The increase in remote working due to the coronavirus pandemic has also left systems facing greater vulnerability.

Cyber security is one of the greatest challenges of our age: Countries and businesses need cyber security strategies to protect their digital sovereignty.

Keynote speaker Mr Garry Kasparov, a former world chess champion and renowned cyber expert, and other leading local and international industry leaders will discuss how governments, business and the financial sector can protect data, and how to protect critical infrastructures from cyber threats.

At the conference you will meet:

Mr. Rosen Plevneliev

Former President

Mr. Garry Kasparov

AI Expert | Former World Chess Champion

Dr. George Sharkov

Ministry of Defense Cyber defense adviser | Former National Cybersecurity | Cyber consultant to the EU | Cyber security Coordinator. BULGARIA

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IMPROVATE is a platform that makes technology and innovation accessible to countries around the world, with an emphasis on advancing Israeli technologies. Launched in September 2020, IMPROVATE operates out of London and Tel Aviv and serves as a platform to connect leaders and decision-makers, and companies and investors with technology and innovation companies. IMPROVATE works through international conferences and business delegations and promotes deals between governments, organizations, and investors with technology and innovation companies. Among IMPROVATE’s Board members are Mr. Garry Kasparov former world chess champion, President Rosen Plevneliev President of Bulgaria from 2010-2017 and IDF Major Gen. (Ret.) Amos Gilad.